VIP 20% Sale Coming to Gisborne, Cranbourne and Hallam Stores

We are delighted to reveal that our next exclusive VIP 20% off sale locations are at our Gisborne, Cranbourne, and Hallam stores! Starting from November 11th until November 18th, prepare yourselves for a money saving extravaganza where you can enjoy a fabulous 20% discount on all Beleza branded items.

🛍️ Sale Details:

  • What: VIP 20% Off Sale on Beleza branded items
  • Where: Gisborne, Cranbourne, and Hallam stores
  • When: November 11th – November 18th
  • How: In-store purchases only

Please remember, this deal is available in-store only, so plan your visit and get ready to elevate your school style with Beleza School Uniforms.

Join us from November 11th to November 18th at our Gisborne, Cranbourne, or Hallam stores. Please check our website or Google Listings for your stores opening times.

See you at Beleza School Uniforms! 🌟✨

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